Here at the Advanced Dental Center of Florence, we believe in creating the kind of exceptional service and treatment that keeps our patients raving about our dental services practice over and over.  We love our patients and encourage their feedback whether positive or negative.  Below is a small sample of what patients are saying about us.  Come by and leave a comment so that we can improve our services for you and your family!


Dr. Griffin and his staff are very helpful.  They always make sure that any questions that you have are satisfied before you leave.  The services were quick and there was no waiting like you often have to at the doctor’s office.


I have never met anyone that likes going to the dentist, I personally hate it. However, I will say I am always treated with gentle hands and understanding and their work is done to perfection. Advance Dental Center has a great staff.  I have been going there for 15 years.  Thanks again to the staff at Advanced Dental Center of Florence!


I used to have trouble with my teeth and problems with day to day activities.  The staff at Advanced Dental Center of Florence knew exactly what to do to set my mind at ease and help me get everything fixed and functional.  The diagnosis was simple and the treatment went just as smooth.  I couldn’t ask for a friendlier or more welcoming group of people to work with.


The staff and treatment we receive here are always excellent.  Everyone is extremely friendly and they have always called me by name. These guys feel like family and the staff is very thorough and caring. I can't imagine going elsewhere for my dental care!!!


My experience with Advanced Dental Center of Florence has been positive.  The staff is always welcoming, professional and courteous, going out of their way to make visits friendly and personalized. The services I got for my dentures helped tremendously.  They are now comfortable to wear and can eat the foods I love

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Do you suffer from ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures?  Do you find yourself avoiding eating your favorite foods because you worry about your dentures slipping or pinching?  If so, Advanced Dental Center of Florence might be able to help.  Don’t wait to get your dentures fixed.  Still have questions about our denture services or financing options?  Please feel free to check out the rest of our specially created dentures website or call our office for more information.  Then, if you live in the Florence, SC area, come see Dr. Griffin to help fit your dentures.  Now is the time to restore a healthy and happy smile with Advanced Dental Center of Florence and new dentures!