Who Should Get Dentures?

Generally speaking, patients who are missing multiple teeth and who want to restore a more functional and attractive appearance should consider dentures. The experienced denture providers at Advanced Dental Center of Florence have spent years acquiring the necessary knowledge and expertise, and will only suggest dentures after a careful and thorough examination of your mouth. The first step to the process is scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors. During this appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your individual needs, and your denture options and how you can make the best choice for your optimal dental wellness.

Factors Necessitating Dentures

There are many possible factors in who is best suited for dentures, here are a few of these:

1) Severe tooth decay.  This can be one of the obvious signs that patients have a need for dentures. Once teeth have become decayed past the point of repair, and root canal is not a practical option. At this point, the decayed tooth must be removed. Even if only a few teeth are removed, a partial denture known as a bridge can help keep the rest of your teeth properly aligned and restore the ability to chew.

2) Genetic Disorders. Genetic disorders like Anodontia, create an absence of deciduous or permanent teeth. Fortunately, this can also be fixed with dentures. In cases such as this, dentures restore the ability to chew, help improve the facial appearance, and help patients regain their self-esteem.

3) Physical Trauma. Physical injuries to teeth sustained in accidents and sports injuries can also result in tooth loss. Dentures can effectively be used in such instances to restore a fullness to the face and help patients get a functional bite once more.

4) Untreated periodontal disease.  Periodontal diseases left unchecked can eventually lead to tooth loss. Most types of dentures can be helpful in these situations. However, implant dentures are not really suitable if periodontal disease is left untreated.

5) Uncontrolled diabetes.  This condition can prevent gums from healing properly after dental implants have been placed. In such instances, standard dentures would work nicely.

With wonderful advancements being made in denture technology, denture wearers no longer suffer from the stigma they carried in the past. Dentures come in many natural-looking shades and shapes, all of which can amount to giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Come See Us For All Your Denture Needs

Patients in the Florence, SC area know they can come to Advanced Dental Center of Florence for friendly service, up-to-date technology and exceptional services for all their dental needs. Dentures are just one of the wonderful options that our doctors provide for his valued patients with missing or damaged teeth. Dentures are attractive, functional, cost effective and they are carefully crafted to look just like your natural teeth! Want to know more about the process, the benefits or financing options? Please feel free to read through the rest of our specially designed dentures website for more information. Then call one of our helpful staff members today for your free dentures consultation.